Thursday, February 20, 2014

Exclusive Bugatti and Desvall Shisha Pipe

So your dreams of owning a Bugatti stalled after that homemade mixtape failed to sell more than three copies (mom bought two, you the other). Don’t sweat it. A Bugatti-designed hookah pipe can be yours for a tenth of the price. Granted, a tenth of that price is still $100,000.

Yes, the famous French carmaker has teamed up with esteemed hookah manufacturer Desvall to deliver perhaps the most decadent smoking device seen since that oversized Cheech & Chong joint. How does a pipe get to cost 100K?

Inspired by the design of luxurious Bugatti cars, the pipe has a carbon fibre casing, a solid titanium frame and hand-sewn leather detailing. In addition to the exclusive appearance, the pipe Desvall Bugatti features a patented technology that allows the hose to rotate 360 º, which is ideal for a large company. The Bugatti x Desvall will produce only 150 units, so don’t blow your chance. That would really suck.


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