Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Firephant by Jonas Forsman

Most fire extinguishers are hidden at a corner of a room, probably because they don’t bare the appearance that’s worth show-ing off. Often time, it cannot be found in the time of need, and even though we do find it, we don’t know how to use it properly. With that in mind, Lars Wettre and Jonas Forsman develop and redesign the look and func-tionality of fire extinguisher by uniting the tube and the body into the unique looking cylindrical shape that’s similar to a trunk of an elephant.

‘Firephant’ is designed to be easy to use and very user friendly with the handle that can be mounted to the wall. In a case of fire, all one needs to do is take the Fireplant off of the wall, trigger the lock, aim, and push the operating button to release the extinguishing agent. It’s so easy for everyone to use, perfect for unpredictable emergency, and presumably easy to find…what we’re trying to say is, who would put the fire ex-tinguisher this cool at a corner of a room!


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