Monday, February 10, 2014

Gear-Up With The WLWC Crocodile-Wrapped Fixed Gear Bike

A bike isn’t just a bike. People take great pride and effort when picking out a bike. They need one that will suite their every need when it comes to riding around and gettin’ it. This WLWC or Watch Life With Curiosity Crocodile-Wrapped Fixed Gear Bike is a great urban styled bike.

Watch Life With Curiosity is a French artisan brand with heavy urban lifestyle influence. They recently unveiled their skateboard with crocodile skin and decided to take the crocodile design to another level. They presented  a Crocodile-Wrapped Fixed Gear Bike in a great black design. The bike is designed in a tonal black color. The bike took 90 hours to build. The genuine reptile crocodile hide is present on the aluminum frame, handlebar, saddle, handle brakes, and foot rests.

This wrap gives the bike a super-luxe feel. This kind of finish has never been seen on a bid before.
The idea might not sound too inspiring, but we must admit that the bike cools quite appealing in black and the croc hide wrap gives it an uber-luxe finish. The bike is priced at 14,500 Euros ($20,000 approximately) is available on WLWC’s website.


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