Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Golden Bike From Denmark

Lauge Jensen is not known for designing his motorbikes in anything but the most revolutionary ways. The company's creations were the first motorcycle in the world to pass the new EURO4 emission regulations.
Now it seems, however, that Lauge has added a new air of flamboyance to these eco-friendly products as the latest bike comes wrapped almost entirely in 24-carat gold and sprinkled gingerly with hundreds of diamonds.

The bike is designed more as a concept showpiece, costing approximately £550,000 as it contains a good few thousand pounds of gold. There is no word yet on the weight of the glitzy chopper but our guess would be it is probably heavy enough to make handling a challenge.

The bike is capable of being ridden, however, should that be the request of any potential owners the gold exhaust system would need to be removed, unless you fancy the prospect of leaving a trail of gold as you ride your pricey two wheeler into the sunset.


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