Friday, February 21, 2014

Impress Your Geeky Friends with BMW Designed Thermaltake Level 10 PC Chassis

BMW Designworks USA’s Level 10 case for ThermalTake is a far cry from any other desktop PC chassis we’ve seen recently. Rather than a standard aluminum box, the Thermaltake Level 10 would incorporate a central pillar, with individual compartments hanging from it for the motherboard, PSU, optical drives, and hard drives. Moreover, it features six hard disk drive bays, while also offering an easy way to open the hard drive bay so as to change the disks.

Each compartment on the Level 10 has its own ventilation. The large panels on the lower left cover the motherboard mount, PCI-E cards, GPUs, and so forth. The six slots on the right are hot-swap SATA bays, connected to a large vertical heatsink. The bays have mounts for 3.5-inch and 2.5-inch drives. The top right box holds three optical drives, and the upper left box holds the power supply.

The Level 10 case is constructed entirely of heavy-duty aluminum. There is no flex in any of the panels, they are rock solid. Aside from the LED lighting surrounding the trim of the edge, there is not a single plastic component anywhere. Each of the six SATA hard drive bays includes a red LED that lights when the bay is occupied.

The right side panel on the Level 10 comes off for access to the rear of the motherboard tray, just like on a standard case. The front-panel connectors include your standard 4 USB 2.0 ports, one eSATA port, and standard audio jacks.The case fits standard ATX and micro-ATX boards.

Well, you should also know that it’s big and heavy: more than two feet tall and 47 pounds before you put so much as a motherboard. Speaking of which, the case alone is $850, but if you need an actual computer you’ll need to allot a minimum of $2,500. Genteel geeks and posh PC-ers, the ultimate computing machine is here and now shipping.


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