Thursday, February 27, 2014

Karoto Sharpener Peeler by Avichai Tadmor

By now, you guys know that I’m a kitchen gadget junkie. From fancy expensive ones like my Vitamix  and my juicer, to my spiralizer, to cute little whisks and flippers, I’m a sucker for them all.

At first glance, you’re probably thinking, “It’s a pencil sharpener. What does that have to do with carrots or kitchen gadgets?” But look a little closer….

Notice how big it is?
That’s because it’s for peeling veggies, especially carrots!!

Tired of slicing, dicing, or chopping your vegetables and want to try something new? Jerusalem product designer Avichai Tadmor created this scaled-up pencil sharpener for shaving curls of carrot onto salads. It’s a stylish tool that will add some zest to your boring salad, put a little twist in your stir fry casserole and cast a big smile on your face.


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