Monday, February 24, 2014

Limited Edition Faber Castell 250th Anniversary Box Set

Faber-Castell is the world’s oldest and largest manufacturer of wood-cased pencils. This year Faber-Castell USA celebrates the 250th Anniversary of Faber-Castell and 35 years of Creativity for Kids! Special for this occasion the company has released 250th Anniversary Limited Edition Wood Case Set.

The hand-crafted wood case contains a wide range of products  including all 120 colors of Polychromos colored pencils and Albrecht Durer watercolor pencils. Additionally there are Polychromos artists pastels, PITT pastel pencils, Castell 9000 black-lead pencils, PITT woodless graphite pencils, PITT compressed charcoal sticks, and much more! Accessories include an eraser, double-hole metal sharpener, watercolor brush, water bowl, and other supplies to enhance the artistic experience.

Wood case is stained a deep warm brown and contrasts beautifully with the carrying handle that’s made of metal sheathed in leather – a modern and sophisticated combination of materials. It is constructed in multi-level layers of drawers that house the products in separate compartments. These can be pulled out for easy access and arranged for specific types of creative work. The case clicks securely shut by twisting a pair of elegant knobs.

Only 1761 case of this exclusive Anniversary Limited Edition Wooden Case is available. 1761 coincides with the year the company was founded. Each case has a plaque that shows the number of the case, and comes with a certificate to verify the authenticity and uniqueness of the piece. The case has been priced at $1,700 and can be found at


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