Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Liquipel Makes Your Gadgets Waterproof

Liquipel makes technology waterproof and they actually are so confident in its ability that they guarantee that if you report that your device has been affected by water after it has be Liquipel’d that they will help you get a new device.

How it works is that we all know that electricity and water are bad together, especially for electronics. What happens is not that the water ruins the device by simply killing it, the water is a conductor of electricity. If anything, the water supercharges the device to the point where it over loads. The Sabertooth motherboard has actually come out on the market and it is said to be so strong that it isn’t affected by water at all.

The way Liquipel makes technology waterproof is that they place the device into a chamber. They then pressurize the chamber to suck out all of the air inside the chamber. So in essence, your phone is in space while this happens. Once your phone is in the airless pocket the Liquipel solution is vaporized into the chamber. The gas sticks to the device on a molecule level and bonds with the material. Once it comes out it is now waterproof. Therefore, the simplicity of how Liquipel makes technology waterproof is incredible.

Just as Liquipel makes technology waterproof, the Liquipel can actually be applied to many different things. One of the partners actually mentioned something that would revolutionize the cost maintenance of bridges. You know those things that span the width of rivers and rust over time, Liquipel would actually remove the rust that comes on regular steel because it would block out the water.

Also, speaking of different applications Liquipel can actually be used as a replacement for a windshield wiper as it effectively lets the rain roll right off instead of pelt the windshield and stay. It can be used on engine parts so they don’t rust from weather over time. Water boats can put Liquipel on the bottom of their boats and become faster because the Liquipel actually repels the water. Clothes are now waterproof to where rain just rolls right off, which means a great deal to those in uniform who often times are stuck in a wet suit.

The amount of applications that Liquipel can be used for is just endless, and Liquipel will make more than technology waterproof, keep an eye on Liquipel as it reshapes our lives and homes.


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