Thursday, February 6, 2014

Naturally Glowing Dino Pet As A Night Light

Faintly lit lights and specially designed night lamps are almost a necessity when kids are in a household, so what better way to use them than to make things fun? In any standard space you’ve got a night light where small themed lamps are plugged into the wall and leave things safely lit for kiddos to see. Instead, you can give your child a ‘pet’ to shake things up (literally) and create an alternative light source.

Dino Pet wasn’t created as a light, but rather a pet with an added glowing element to make responsibility fun and educational. Instead of having a night light, Yonder Biology based out of our own backyard (San Diego), has created a fun little dinosaur with bioluminescent creatures to care for. Made as more of an introduction to pets, these microscopic ‘dino’ are simply cared for and then act as entertainment and fun once it’s dark out.

Not only is there great thought and detail put into the product itself, but there’s even a storybook to go along with it. Whimsy and interactive elements are what make the ‘Dino Pet’ what it is. What a perfect product for children to learn and grownups to display alike.


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