Friday, February 21, 2014

New Audi’s Motorcycle

Is it time for the arrival of Audi‘s motorcycle? Devauze Thibault definitely think so, a French designer who is a good part of his internship done at Audi, Ducati and Land Rover. “Audi Motorrad Concept” revealed vision of Audi’s two-wheeler superbike that now could easily become a reality, since the brand from Ingolstadt taken by the Italian Ducati.

Audi was once produced two-wheel vehicles, but this was at the time of DKW Auto Union, from which later emerged Audi as we know now. The inspiration for the concept of a motorcycle with Audi’s marks Devauze received during a visit to the museum where the Audi is among the many exhibits video of DKW motorcycles.

As Audi has a rich history when it comes to motorcycles, the French designer was not hard to create a modern version of its two-wheelers.

Motorrad Concept Audi is powered by Ducati’s twins paired with a dual-clutch gearbox.

This volume of 850 cc desmodromic housed in an ultra-lightweight chassis made of carbon fiber and lightweight materials. In addition to the classical variant of the gas two-wheel could easily get the e-tron version.


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