Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Ordinary Foosball Turned Extraordinary

Leave it to the Italians to take soccer … or at least … foosball, the table sport soccer game, and turn it into a work of art.   Hey, this makes complete sense, as they already did the same to the “beautiful game” soccer itself.  So, the guys at Teckell must have thought, “Why leave foosball in the dark ages of design?”   And we are thrilled that they did.
Foosball,  the table top soccer game that evokes as much passion and excitement, today as it did decades ago,  has remained pretty much untouched, until the Italian craftsmen at Teckell came out with their Calcio Balilla Collection of gorgeous tables.
We all know that Italians have a knack for making things beautiful and taking ordinary objects and making them extraordinary.  But foosball?  Yes! Foosball too!
As in soccer each of the 22 players, on their full sized tables, is unique.  Each element of each table merge into a single creation that surprises, delights and entertains.

90° Minuto

 Teckell has recreated a game that was reminiscent of sticky floored game rooms and made it look so good you don’t want to touch it. Forget the traditional blocky structure you’re familiar with; instead, the 90 Minuto is supported by a sleek, elegant wooden frame, creating a modern feel to this alluring table. Glass walls support the players while all the engineering and technology lay concealed in the Minuto’s enchanting lines. If there is such a thing as perfection in a foosball table, this is it.


For many, the traditional foosball table, is is either too big for your space, or your significant other feels that a “foosball” table is too ugly to fit in your home or office space.  Well Teckell has change this.    Now for your home or office, there’s Intervallo, a foosball table that will unite people, have them wondering what it is, and be a work of art as much as a game.

Crafted from either ash wood or walnut and encased in crystal glass, the foosball table is beautiful.    And since the Teckell Intervallo is scaled down, it can double as a coffee table.  With three wood players on each side, this foosball ball table features a removable glass top that also functions as a serving tray. How cool is that? Two for the price of one.


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