Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Sleek And Functional Mobile Workspace

If you are a workaholic then you would definitely know how it feels when your time is being wasted due to unnecessary obstacles. These obstacles can be the laziness on someone else’s part or could be due to waiting periods like when you’re on the bus. And then your work is not only limited to your smart phone which you can conveniently carry around everywhere you go. It would only help if there was this ultimate work station that would do the trick anywhere, anytime.

Enter the La Fonction No.1. What exactly is that? It’s the workstation you can carry around basically anywhere, even the small cubicle in the public washroom. This workstation is one that will easily protect your computer. Not only that, it will keep secure all your other devices and important essentials. These include slots for your smart phone, tablet, cables and wires, chargers and not to forget those important documents.

This private workstation not only stores all your valuables but also provides you with a way to work and that too comfortably. You can easily make use of the workstation to maintain privacy and of course avoid nosy people who love having a glance at that screen. This also makes the workstation one that that can be easily handled on the move.

As far as the material is concerned, here only the highest quality of leather is being used. The bag has been very carefully prepared in France at a place known as Cevennes. The La Fonction No 1 has been especially prepared at a leather good workshop at the above mentioned area. This proves that high quality craftsman ship has been implied here. Only the finest leather and great quality cloth has been used in preparing this. The company claims that it takes several days to prepare a La Fonction No 1.
But all that luxury and perfection doesn’t come at a very low cost. Here interested buyers will have to pay quite a great amount for this leather satchel; here we are speaking of exactly $1135. That is way too much to pay.

This is why the La Fonction No 1 is great when it comes to usage but absurd when it comes to paying up. This is only and only recommended to a buyer who is none other than a filthy rich business man who loves to work nonstop and wants to do it privately.


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