Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Beautiful Glass ‘Cristallino’ Foosball Table

Teckell products made in Italy are some of the best around, and with their reputation and high design profile they can be an artful addition to your home or entertaining space. With the ‘Cristallino’ collection, the overall look is a sleek and modern design with a glass frame and aluminum parts for a beautiful showcase of design in any situation.

Available with a black, translucent or green playing field, each unique spindle and player is made by 20 different crafting artisans that put tons of pride and passion into their work. Each piece is beautifully crafted and made into a work of art in itself. If you’re looking for a Foosball table that’s perfect for being on display and great to have as a collectors item.The Cristallino collection also has 50 pieces of furniture available with gold in place of the aluminum parts that come standard on this table.


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