Friday, February 7, 2014

The Beetle Chair By Maximo Riera

An insect at home would usually be a no-no, but when designed by Maximo Riera, it becomes a work of art. The Beetle Chair is the latest masterpiece in the Animal Chair Collection, welcoming the insect species, the most diverse groups of animals on the planet.

Maximo Riera’s Animal Chair collection constitutes a diverse range of species, from mammals to reptiles, and now even including insects. Each creation is homage to these animals and retains the animal’s natural vitality whilst being totally biological accurate in their appearance.
In the Beetle Chair, its seat section is located within the outer shell covering the wings that form the skeleton and protects the animal.

The beetle offers a more functional esthetic, allows the composition of the skeleton and the extrinsic figures to be seen without any interruptions.
The European rhinoceros beetle is one of the largest and most singular insects of its kind.

Its most representative feature, the distinctive cranial curved horn, it is used to fight other males during mating season and as a tool for digging, whose proportions have been increased with the intention of making its potential and condition more obvious.


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