Thursday, February 27, 2014

This Brilliant Rekindle Candlestick Turns Melted Wax Into a Fresh New Candle

Who would have thought candles ever need further innovation? We certainly did not think so, but designer Benjamin Shine begs to differ; he have come up with an ingenious idea that could potentially save the world a ton of wax (figuratively speaking…) by, well, recycling the wax for the next candle and the contraption to do so is his Rekindle Candle. The Rekindle Candle is more like a candlestick holder that collects the melting wax of the burning candle atop to form a new candle. A wig is placed in the center of the candlestick stem and once the stem is filled, which it should when the first candle burns out, it can then be place on top of the holder to start the cycle again.

Further details weren't available, but we are assuming that the ‘stem’ is replaceable and comes rig with a wig for a continuous process. in this way, you will only need one candle and yards of wig to keep on using the same wax over and over again, thus saving the our already distraught planet of another wax waste, plus manufacturers, won’t need to produce as many candles for the market (probably not quite a good news to the chandlers, btw), which means less resources being used. Though we hardly think animal fats, mineral oil, or even beeswax will have much impact environmentally. Interesting concept nonetheless.


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