Monday, February 17, 2014

Cute Kids Bedding by Snurk

 Kid’s rooms aren’t only about design, but a lot of their interest visually also depends on interaction. Though bedding might not seem like something that’s entirely interactive, Snurk has designed some interesting duvet covers that make your kiddo excited for bedtime.

This cute kids bedding by 'Snurk' is photo-printed to look just like a trampoline. Nina's design is incredibly realistic, incorporating the blue tarp and red ropes printed on 100% cotton. Parents who discourage their kids from jumping on the bed should avoid purchasing this product. The concept was developed by illustrator Nina van de Vondervoort for Snurk and it is sure to get kids bouncing.

Kids will jump on the bed with or without it, but it makes it even cuter when they do. This bedding will help to inspire kids believe they can jump even higher than they normally could -- parents might want to keep an eye on their little ones for this reason.
Just like a real trampoline, the imaginative bed set will ensure that kids will have fun.

Children can pretend that they are astronauts soaring through space and time as they snooze on the astronaut suit duvet cover. The blanket cover has a life-sized astronaut outfit printed onto it, and the accompanying pillowcase has the helmet.

Kids can feel comforted at night to know they have someone watching over them and they can imagine what it's like to go up into space and see the planets and the stars up close. The room can be made into a space theme with miniature solar system models and glow-in-the-dark star stickers as the finishing touches. Parents will be happy to know that their kids have lofty dreams as they're looking up to astrophysicists.
If someone lies right under the astronaut suit duvet cover, it looks like they are an astronaut.

And finally a duvet cover that shows the world what you truly are: a beautiful princess!

Go ahead and doze off, dream of your prince charming on a white horse. But first make sure you are lying perfect underneath your diamond tiara. What a sleeping beauty! 

A lifesaving hero, which child doesn’t dream of becoming one? This bedding makes that dream practically come true.

Because the print of this fire-fighter suit looks so real, it’s surreal. Better go to bed early, in case the siren goes off tonight.

This is Ollie!
Ollie is a playful young cat that loves children. Also Ollie likes to keep your bed nice and warm.

But what makes Ollie truly special is that people who suffer from the most severe cat allergy have no problems around him.

This is Bob!
Bob loves sniffing around, walking, not listening and stealing sandwiches from the kitchen sink.

But most of all Bob loves sleeping. All curled up on top of his owners’ warm and soft duvet. If it were up to him, he’d lie there all day. And all night for that matter.


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