Thursday, February 6, 2014

Time Goes By Grandfather Clock By Boca Do Lobo

Grandfather clocks are a great classic time piece to have in your traditional home, but what to do if you have a more contemporary or eclectic style? Boca Do Lobo has their quirky and artfully based designs of furniture, home accessories and other great goods.

But this clock is a beautifully balanced mixture of a take on the original and a newer form of heirlooms. The clock itself is a hand carved mahogany piece that tells time digitally, with a base to match the ornate details encased in the clean cut glass tower and stainless steel pendulum.

Amethyst and smoked black colors adorn this beautiful clock, with silver leaf techniques applied to the mahogany wood. The design process is an intricate one, with hand sketches turned to 3D models and then built by hand with marquetry and old artisan applications.


Mary Jane Smith said...

I love this clock! It's really amazing! Did you saw their latest release? The MILLIONAIRE safebox? It's really unique, don´t you think?! By the way, come and see my blog!

lipe said...

Love this clock! The mixture between classic inspiration with a modern twist is spot on :)

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