Friday, March 28, 2014

Aston Martin Carbon Fiber Champagne Cooler

$42,000 for Aston Martin limited edition car sounds tempting, but unfortunately it is a bowl for cooling champagne branded by the British manufacturer. Aston Martin champagne cooler is made of sterling silver and then gold-plated in 24-karat gold.

 The Silver collection is made with the same engineering, fine lines and materials as all Aston Martin cars, according to the brand. Silver by Aston Martin spans tableware, gifts and travel accessories.

“Aston Martin has been extremely strategic in its relationship with Harrods, as they are one of the most prestigious as well as famous shopping destinations,” said Dalia Strum, president of Dalia Inc., New York.
“Automative innovation combined with elegant design will create synergy in its consumers’ lifestyle,” she said.

Ms. Strum is not affiliated with neither Aston Martin nor Harrods, but agreed to comment as an industry expert.
Making a marque
The Silver by Aston Martin shop-in-shop is on Harrods’ second floor at its Knightsbridge store.

The collection is designed by Grand McDonald. The inspiration of the collection is the same craftsmanship, elegance and engineering excellence renowned to Aston Martin vehicles, per the brand.
For example, the bottle cooler is a design using carbon-fiber to insulate the silver exterior and prevent condensation.

The Aston Martin bowl for cooling champagne is the work of the renowned workshop Grant MacDonald and will be sold at an exclusive price of $42,000. If this is too much, the same company offers Aston Martin wine glasses for the price of $6,900 a piece.


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