Friday, March 7, 2014

Cage Archibird - a Modern Bird Cage Doubles as a Table

Merging an actual birdcage with a fully functional coffee table is not something you’d think about every day, but a very skilled French designer by the name of Gregoire de Lafforest decided to actually transform this concept into reality.

Dubbed Archbird, this amazing coffee table boasts a series of glass-enclosed cutouts that rise above the table surface and allow the birds to climb up and enjoy a better view. The main cage is placed conveniently underneath the table, which means that the birds are only visible when they choose to climb up on top of the small white tree that was placed within.

The cage also includes its own special washing place and is supported by a series sturdy steel rods. This innovative furniture piece would look fantastic as a centerpiece in any modern living room. Would you acquire one yourself if you could?


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