Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Diageo’s Most Expensive Whisky Is Called Brora 40

As its name suggests, the Brora 40 whisky by Diageo is no less than 4 decades old, and if you know anything about fine drinks, then you already know that that’s a lot. Limited to just 160 units, each bottle of this delicious drink costs no less than $11,690 and is only available on World of Whiskies shelves.

The Brora 40 Year is a high-end beverage that is bottled within a gorgeous crystal faceted decanter, which is in turn placed within a sublime wooden box crafted by the Queen’s Cabinet Makers. In order to preserve the heritage of the famous distillery that made the Brora 40 a reality, the decanter we mentioned before flaunts a superb Scottish Wildcat logo that was crafted out of gold. Furthermore, the crystal stopper bears its own engraving of the number 40 for a touch of authenticity, while the copper neck boasts a depiction of 1972 – the year of distillation.

As far as the aroma of the whisky is concerned, we can tell you that it features hits of eucalyptus, citrus and wood smoke complemented by dark chocolate touches. Moreover, the fragrance includes touches toasted hazelnuts, white pepper, dried fruits as well as menthol, musk and honey. Sounds divine, doesn’t it?


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