Thursday, March 6, 2014

Fall 2014 Bags By Dior Are Classy and Fabulous

The bags of Dior Spring 2014 seem to have one very clear message: if you have the budget for exotics, Dior would like to talk to you about some handbags. If not, well, most of these bags will also come in regular leathers…but do you have any friends who have the money for crocodile? If so, can you give Dior their contact information? The brand would be much obliged.

To be sure, Dior likely already knows many of those customers well. The brand has always traded well on its rarified French history, and with the nipped waists of the New Look, the brand is even more well-suited to a wasp-waisted socialite look than some of its Parisian compatriots. That look brings around moneyed customers, and even more important, moneyed customers who wish to look moneyed.

There’s no polite discretion to the bags in the brand’s spring collection. The python comes almost exclusively in multiple candy colors per bag, and the crocodile, similar ample, is bright and glossy in almost all instances. The shapes are classic Dior, and the bags are beautiful and will likely sell extremely well.

A well-developed exotics program is important to attracting the most lucrative high-dollar customers, and Dior’s clearly putting a strong emphasis on making sure it continues to be among the few brands of choice for the world’s very, very elite. These handbags should do the trick.


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