Wednesday, March 5, 2014

High-End Vapor HyperAgility Cleats by Nike

In an ongoing effort to create the most technologically advanced football cleats in the world, Nike decided to turn to 3D printing. The new Vapor HyperAgility Cleats were built to deliver maximum stopping power, acceleration, maneuverability and grip, all thanks to an ingenious design and a brand new set of studs.

Nike’s previous 3D printing endeavors resulted in the fantastic Vapor Laser Talon cleat and the Vapor Carbon 2014 Elite cleat that proved to be quite popular during the 2014 Super Bowl. The Vapor HyperAgility was manufactured with utmost performance in mind, which makes it perfect for the quick takeoffs required during a so-called “shuttle” drill.

Even though the bottom of the cleat definitely looks quite innovative, the shoe’s upper is no less impressive since it was made using Flywire cabling. For comfort purposes, the cleat was equipped with a compression collar that allows it to hug the foot comfortably while diminishing the feeling of the sturdy studs underneath.

However, advanced technology always comes at a high cost, which is why these particular football cleats will most likely not be available for the general public. Nonetheless, successful NFL teams would most definitely afford to purchase and use this incredible product, and we can’t wait to see the wonderful results that it will bring.


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