Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Aroma R-evolution Will Make Your Food Taste Better

Molecule-R's objective is to "democratize the latest cuisine innovations" and with this latest creation, the "Aromafork and Aromaspoon" these cutlery products produce an intense and unique tasting experience. Such an innovative product that touches every sense and taste bud when eating, any food connoisseurs dream!

"Since 2009, Molécule-R Flavors' mission is to democratize the latest cuisine innovations and make them accessible to a larger public. Today, the company unveils the Aromafork and the Aromaspoon; two patented pieces of cutlery specifically designed to produce an intense and unique tasting and olfactive experience. Because taste buds recognize only the 5 primary tastes, while the nose is capable of distinguishing the subtle flavors of food as aromas reach the back of your palette upon expiration. It is therefore through a blotting paper inserted in the new cutlery and then soaked with a concentrated liquid aroma allowing the volatile components to be diffused upon absorption, multiplying the intensity of the perceived flavors and tricking the mind. Play with your senses and change your perception of flavors with Aroma." 

Molécule-R called upon Chez Valois, who had already executed her original brand identity and first retail kits; Cuisine R-evolution and Cocktail R-evolution in 2009.

"Today, Chez Valois realized for this unique new project; the design of the utensils (based on an original idea by Molécule-R), the serving trays and accessories, in addition to providing art direction, photography, culinary art and styling, and packaging design. Favoring the polysensoriality of the tasting experience, the design of utensils and serving trays wanted to be above all, simple in form and ergonomic with a contemporary twist. The packaging design for its part was also developed in a simple, uncluttered way while putting more emphasis on the comprehension of the product and its experience, bringing on the forefront the design of the objects and the food photography with an artistic rendering of the aromas to convey the intriguing, enticing and surreal feeling that this novel olfactive experiential product can bring."


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