Friday, April 4, 2014

Bathtub Wich Lights Up In The Dark From Lucedentro

Create an incandescent bathroom escape with a glowing mosaic on your walls, sink, bathtub or shower. Lucedentro, an Italian based company, specializes in creating photoluminescent items from furniture and construction materials to decorative items and clothing.

The Lucedentro photoluminescent mosaic designs will transform your bathroom space into a luxurious, spa-like oasis. During the daytime, these tiles look like a light, pastel mosaic, but as soon as day turns to night these tiles take on a completely new dimension. Their photoluminescent quality allows them to soak in any solar and electric light that they’re exposed to and then emit that light for up to eight hours when the room goes dark.

Lucedentro offers two different styles of mosaics, Mosaic Opus One and Lacrimae Lucis Mosaic. Mosaic Opus One is a square mosaic pattern that is available in ocean blue and green yellow. Lacrimae Lucis Mosaic is made of small rounded tiles and is better suited for covering rounded objects.

It is available in monochromatic or polychromatic variations with the option to include photoluminescent and non-photoluminescent tiles in its design.
Both styles are made from 90 percent recycled photoluminescent glass and are mounted on mesh for easy and quick installation.

Prices start at $81 for a 10-piece box.


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