Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Bentley And Pankhurst London Team Up To Create Bespoke Barber Chairs For Grooming In Style

What would you say about receiving the feeling of sitting inside one of the most luxurious cars in the world while enjoying a fine grooming?? We bet that some of the local male community in the Middle East would be really thrilled on the idea of taking the feeling of sitting in their luxury super car even in the barber shop!

Bentley and luxury brand, Pankhurst have teamed up for the 6 bespoken barber chairs, which have the same level of marque and materials one would see on the interior of most Bentley models. Unveiled in London, this series of special chairs have been worked on by craftsman from Bentley at the Company’s headquarters, and from the looks of it, make the perfect style statement which will grab eyeballs of uber-wealthy buyers.

These chairs bring together 2 of the best known luxury brands, in the genre of car making and lifestyle. With 8 hides of leather trimmings used, these chairs have several redesigned parts in it’s structure, apart from the masterclass embroidery from Bentley and Pankhurst. These chairs were made by grafting in new wood into the structure of the chairs, and replacing the traditional ashtray. The headrest have been made with foam shaped perfectly by hand, and the color combination of stitching and leather tones have been brought about via the joint consultation of the teams from the 2 luxury brands.

Bentley is known for fitting in many handcrafted components in it’s vehicles, similarly, these 6 special edition chairs have followed the same route, the route to perfection!


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