Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Bulgarian Interior Designer Creates F1-Themed Lounge Chair – Perfect Seat for the Formula 1 Fan

Ever get tired of sitting in those abhorrently uncomfortable sofas that are sold at local flea markets? Not only are they prickly and bumpy, but chances, if you do have one of those kinds of sofas, then they probably aren’t as pleasant-looking either.

If you answered ‘yes’ to our little pop question, then this F1-themed lounge chair designed by Bulgarian interior designer Alexander Christoff just might be the answer to your comfort and aesthetic needs.

Made from ergonomically molded fiberglass with chrome legs with an upholstered adjustable head rest to boot, this chair is fit for just about any comfort-seeking, design-conscious, chair lover in the world. But there is a catch, as is always the case when something this cool is advertised.

As of the moment, the chairs aren’t available anywhere yet. But if the public response to them are as positive as we expect them to be, then you might just be able to find one of these being sold somewhere over the Internet in the near future.


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