Thursday, April 10, 2014

Character Unicum Limited Edition

The Bitter Unicum is offered to the temptation of customers with a special edition signed by Lorenzo Petrantoni, which offers pleasing aesthetic qualities and organoleptic characteristics. The all-new special series Character Unicum Limited Edition writes a new chapter in the centuries-old history of the bitter herbal and spices created in 1970 by by József Zwack, the court physician of the Habsburg emperor Joseph II.

The special packaging of this collection, created by Lorenzo, is infused with his wisdom style to create a work of great value, offering the look with hints of great pleasure. Globes, elegant dresses, barrels and drawings of herbs decorate the sides with exclusive pack that tells the fascinating story of Unicum and the family that created it.
Images and texts that Lorenzo Petrantoni obtained from publications of the late nineteenth century and contemporary approaches in making illustrations that are modern though born of ancient images.

Images and texts that, in the case of the Limited Edition Character Unicum, tell a refined product, the flavor and the result of expert craftsmanship and tradition.
Character Unicum Limited Edition is sold exclusively by Eat’s in Excelsior Milano, Galleria del Corso 4, priced at €80 ($110).


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