Monday, April 28, 2014

Coca Cola Light Bottle Got a Sexy Look Thanks To Chantal Thomass

Lingerie fashion designer Chantal Thomass joins impressive list of famous designers who worked on Coca Cola including After Karl Lagerfeld, Jean -Paul Gaultier, Nathalie Rykiel and Marc Jacobs. After decorated cans of Coca-Cola Light earlier this year, Chantal Thomass tackles bottles! Just like the can, the bottle features small knots and lace but this faith will the background is pink. 

“I am honored to be entrusted with the Artistic Director of Coca-Cola light for Spring 2014! What better way to celebrate women in reinterpreting the codes of glamour and sensuality of lingerie on this iconic drink,” the designer said in a press release.Chantal also runs a pretty limited edition collector’s box which will be sold in her shop in Paris, rue Saint Honoré from 24 April.

The box is limited to only 50 pieces and features a delicate powder pink satin heart on background opening to an aluminum bottle nestled in the hollow of the cabinet.


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