Friday, April 11, 2014

Karl Lagerfeld Designs His First Hotel in China

Karl Lagerfeld, internationally renowned fashion icon and creative director of Chanel and Fendi, has a versatile talent that surpasses the limits of fashion and is now geared towards hospitality design. The news that the German designer who resides in Paris will open his first hotel in the exclusive area of Macau in southern China is attracting the attention of international travelers.
The luxury hotel that will bear his name, the first created entirely under his baton, will deliver the great imagination that characterizes him, materialized in cozy and harmonic spaces. With 270 rooms in a twenty story building, it is expected to open its doors in 2017. So far details of the new project are scarce, but surely it will be a very special event in the world of interior design. The Lagerfeld Hotel will be part of a large tourist complex, which will also include another resort by the Italian fashion house Versace.

It is not uncommon for fashion designers to delve beyond the catwalk and bring the seals to liquor bottles, licensed products or even exclusive restaurants. But this is not the first time the famous designer ventures into interior design and decoration. "I'm interested in almost all aspects of culture, and I feel that all of them influence me in some way," said Lagerfeld.
That statement is evident in the remodeling of the palace that houses Monte Carlo’s Métropole Hotel, where the German designer created a stunning mural of 18 glass panels by the pool of the Odyssey Spa, depicting scenes from Greek mythology. For the occasion, Lagerfeld superimposed photographs of his models wearing ancient Greek costumes on images of the Mediterranean coast. The result was an ingenious collage that recalls the elegance and opulence of classical art with a modern twist. Lagerfeld also demonstrated this talent in the design of one of the restaurants of a Monegasque hotel - the celebrated chef Joel Robuchon, where he exquisitely combined the contemporary spirit with the style of a Royal Palace.

Lagerfeld will also touch the emblematic Hotel de Crillon in Paris. Located in an 18th century palace, the legendary hotel is currently under renovation and will reopen its doors in 2015 featuring two suites decorated by the iconic designer.
In addition, a 1912 Berlin palace has been converted into a luxurious hotel keeping the tradition of the belle époque. The Alma Schlosshotel hotel boasts spacious rooms and suites designed by Lagerfeld and is fast becoming a preferred attraction in the German capital.
Lagerfeld was also chosen to create the distinctive emblem for the boutique hotel e in Singapore, which will make its much-anticipated debut in May of this year. The company decided to choose the King of Fashion to give it "a touch of refinement with his exceptional creativity and talent".


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