Wednesday, April 16, 2014

New Instagram Socialmatic Instant Camera

If you love to take pictures and immediately share it with friends, you will not need a cell phone any more, there is now a new Instagram camera.
Take your shoot with Instagram Socialmatic, make your photo cool as you want and share it directly on Facebook or Twitter trough the powerful InstaOs. A new Polaroid camera will be released next year.

This digital camera supports wi-fi, 3G and Bluetooth, has a 4.3-inch touchscreen and can apply a full range of arty filters to a user’s snapshots. It has 16GB of internal storage plus space for a further 32GB via the SD memory slot. Also it has Led Flash, Paper cartridge with Instagram Paper Sheets, Dedicated 4 colors ink tanks. It has an in-built Zink Printer which means that just like a good old-fashioned Polaroid camera can make a physical copy of anything it snaps.

Socialmatic has signed a licensing deal with Polaroid around its branding and visual style.
If you loved good old Polaroid, you’ll even more love this Instagram Socialmatic instant camera.


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