Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Pioneer crafts exclusive limited edition HDJ-1000 DJ headphones

Disc jockeys who are as critical with the looks of their gear as they are with its audio performance may sound enthusiastic about Pioneer’s new creation. The company now announced its limited edition HDJ-1000 professional DJ headphones due to be available in December 2010. Fashioned to delight users, the limited edition will gussy up the tuneful journey with two fashionable colors and improved low frequency reproduction.

The stylish HDJ-1000 steps in with two attractive shades, black and gold, in addition to the original chrome model. The black version resonates with a more sophisticated look, while the eye-catchy gold version reveals a more glitzy style. For impeccable audio reproduction, the drivers in the offering have been tuned to render heavy impact in the lower bass frequencies of music.

“Much like our players and mixers, Pioneer headphones are designed for both style and performance. We have a versatile line-up of headphones that are sure to complement many DJ levels. The new HDJ-1000s will not only catch your eye, but also please your ears,” shared David Arevalo, senior marketing manager, Professional Sound and Visual Division for Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc.

With a purpose to procreate the critical midrange and mid-bass frequencies in music, the device’s thick micrometers diaphragm and 1.5mm voice coil are impressively fitted. The integration also ensures to generate a more linear response even at high volume levels. In addition, the mono/stereo selector circuit is spruced up to obtain clearer playback, particularly in the midrange frequencies.

The modification in HDJ-1000’s mono/stereo selector circuit makes it possible to offer sounds such as bass drums, snare drums and cymbals with more impact. The headphones also benefit from low rebound urethane for the ear pads, providing increased comfort.

Some other noteworthy characteristics include an easy fold-away structure design, convenient carrying pouch, a swivel mechanism with 90-degree housing rotation to support an extensive range of monitoring styles, and a convenient mono/stereo switch for single-ear use.


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