Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sugar Chair – $11,000 Sweet Made Out Of Pure Sugar

Which is the biggest lollipop you’ve ever seen? I’m sure it was not in the form of chairs and did not cost anywhere near $11,000! Pieter Brenner, a Dutch-born, German designer made exactly that – Sugar Chair worth $11,000. He claims, it will be the biggest, most expensive lollipop for your living room.

Sugar chair is manufactured using 60 pounds of confectioner’s sugar. Depending on your appetite, you can lick it or nibble it a long time and on that way make your own creation. The production method was quite complicated, because the sugar needs a while to dry, so Brenner had to work with very good sugar specialist.

I just created a place where (the user/consumer) can be creative, so basically he is the designer, not me. The consumer can feel free to do everything he wants to with the form or the sugar. I have just proved an archetype, Brenner tells Co.Design.

Frankly, interesting creations, just I’m not sure if it was purposeful. You can’t sit on it, and whether lollipop’s worth $11,000? It’s my opinion, and Brenner explains: The user can play an active part in the design with form and the dimensions of the object himself. The more consumed, the less mass is left of the chair.


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