Friday, April 4, 2014

The Leaos 2.0 Electric Bike

People are often boast with a products that could “change the world”, but in the case of inventions Leaos 2.0 Electric Bike by Italian designer Armin Oberhollenzer perhaps it is not exaggeration.

Traffic jams are a big problem in all major cities in the world, so this electric bike is excellent for driving, because, it is hand-built, made of carbon fiber, and has a smart design specially made for urban use, which differentiates this Leaos e-bike from the rest electric bikes.

The Leaos e-bike boasts Nuvinci automatic shifting, carbon fiber mudguards, handlebars with integrated display, and a lighting system from the German company Supernova.

Producers are hoping that the Leaos e-bike will encourage people to use bicycles in situations where it would not otherwise do. The starting price is $6,800, and is expected to be launched in the US very soon.


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