Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Limited Edition Cohiba “Behike” Cigar box!

The world’s most expensive cigar: limited edition Cohiba ‘Behike’ cigar. Priced at $18,846 for a box of 40, or $420 for each is here. These cigars have been prepared with a special blend of Cuban tobacco, which itself is a secret like most of the fine variety in this segment.

Apart from the rare breed of tobacco that has been used in this line, it has also been revealed that each of the cigars has actually been rolled by hand; hence craftsmanship does indeed come into the picture more than once. The container of these fine cigars is also something unique, as they are mini-humidifiers, which keep alive the delicate elements of the flavor of the rare tobacco blend. With each stick 192mm in length, one can obviously hope for a long and rather optimum level of cigar smoking experience.

The fine limited edition box is made of out ebony wood and skate skins and bones.

The total number of cigars of this particular edition shall be limited to only 4,000, meaning that stocks might not last too long. So connoisseurs are definitely advised to rush in their orders.


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