Monday, May 12, 2014

50th Anniversary Limited Edition Bull Moccasin - Lamborghini x Car Shoe

When the strong automotive branding of Lamborghini, it is natural that the core of the brand expands into entities different from the original to cash in on their cult status with a range of branded accessories. Other than just great cars, Lamborghini’s name has been associated with haute couture creations like special edition Omas Pen and Tonino Lamborghini smart devices.

But along the last 50 years, which cummilates into the 50th anniversary celebrations this year, Lamborghini has been making super-cars but due to the special occasion this time around, they have tied up with luxury shoe makers, Car Shoe for a limited edition Moccasin collection of mens’ footwear. To remind wearers and those who see them, of the special pedigree of the shoes, they have been made in colors most favored among Lamborghinis i.e. red, black, and blue.

To mark the 50th anniversary of the Italian super-car maker, there was a 745 mile road-trip, known as the 50th anniversary Grand Tour, where by participants from 29 countries took part to display 350 varied models from Lamborghini, in a convoy, which stretched 2.5 miles at most times. Some of the lucky participants were given the special shoes by Car Shoe, which gained it’s fame from bringing in the Moccasin design in 1963.

Since then, these shoes have been interpreted many times, but the first time was always special with the handcrafted calfskin leather construction. They have managed to keep the habit since then, even after being owned by the Prada Group since 2001. They style and bespoke fabrication are much coveted amongst fashion addicts, and those who have extra cash to spare.

However, if anyone else has to get them, they would have to shell out $460 each for these pairs. The shoes have been given special marquetry with the Lamborghini logo on the lace and the studded heels of these shoes. They are available at select stores of Car Shoe, and their online retail unit. Now that Lamborghini is having one of the grandest years since it’s inception, anyone who drives their special models could do well to buy these shoes.


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