Friday, May 23, 2014

EE Buzzard Will Turn Your Car Into A Moving 4G Wifi Hotspot

As long you are in an urban area, connectivity is well within your grasp to keep you connected, but we can’t say the same when you moving in a car. This is what UK-based EE wants to overcome with the Buzzard, a £50 gadget that will turn your car into a moving WiFi hotspot with 4G connectivity. this in-car WiFi hotspot draws the required power from your vehicle standard 12V socket aka the cigarette lighter socket and is designed to cope with up to 10 devices hook up to it. All need to do is to add the SIM card that comes the pay-as-you-go (PAYG) plan of your choosing.

The Buzzard is touted as the UK’s first 4G car WiFi that can turn virtually any vehicle into one with WiFi connectivity, eliminating the need for expensive built-in solution and it is intentionally designed to fit into the car’s cup holder, which every automobile should have at least a pair.
Honestly, we are not sure if there is a need to turn a vehicle into a WiFi hotspot, perhaps it is for those who ‘hang out’ with their ride more often than they should and with more than one person onboard. We have read and heard about such ideas, but until today our doubts still persists. Call us hillbillies or whatever, we just thought our mobile already has the connectivity, don’t they?

Then again, if it is affordable and it can be there whenever you and your dearest passengers need it. Perhaps, it could be a brilliant solution to keep your young ones entertained on their non-3 or 4G enabled tablets. Seriously, what your folks’ thoughts? Anyway, the EE Buzzard is pretty affordable at just £49.99 on PAYG.


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