Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Lafforest’s Balka Console - It’s All In The Details

Life is messy and unorganized and we are always rushing, putting important items down on counters and forgetting where they are five minutes later. French designer, Gregoire da Lafforest, has simplified one aspect of our hectic days by creating, Balka.
French designer Grégoire De Lafforest has presented to the public on the occasion on the Milan Design Week 2014 ‘Balka‘, a console to shelter our treasure.

In the hall of every dwelling there is always a receptacle where odds and ends are dumped — a bowl, drawer, tray or what not. Things that no longer serve accumulate there — key that open forgotten doors, half-dead batteries, buttons fallen off garments ni longer worn, coins from some faraway land — all sorts of things that for some reason we don’t just chuck out.

Balka was designed to shelter these dubious treasure of every day existence: it is a console with an oak plateau the top of which is cut into a slope. Objects placed on the slope slide down into a flexible pouch-drawer slung underneath. Things can be kept out of sight in this reserve indefinitely, waiting to be exhumed at any moment.


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