Monday, May 26, 2014

Leather Travelling Trunks from Gucci

A luxury trunk that costs $50,000? That’s right, Gucci has couple of them in leather for new season. Trunks handcrafted in Italy, given the hefty price tag are made-to-order only. Two models, Guccisima Leather Shoe Trunk and the Diamante Lux Leather Gucci Heritage Travel Trunk are perfect high-end travel accessories that offer an alternative to those who prefer something other than Louis Vuitton.

On Gucci website, Guccisima Leather Shoe Trunk is categorized as a “Men’s Luggage”, but there’s no need for you to worry. You can still pack your 6 inch heel Louboutins and Jimmy Choos without an issue. This is a trunk made from beautiful dark brown leather and feature leather details of the same color. It has lock and buckle closure, 13 leather covered wooden draws with ID tags and wooden compartments with holding straps and linen compartment. Exteriors feature handles with metal corners and studs. It takes 20 days to handcraft each of these trunks.

There is no mistake about which category the Diamante Lux Leather Gucci Heritage Travel Trunk belongs to. Made from bright yellow leather, it is firmly in the ladies department. It is designed with cloths in mind than shoes. It has five drawers, six wooden hangers, a canvas garment bag and a removable canvas storage box.
Bothe trunks are available for pre-order  as well.


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