Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mvtikka: A Futuristic And Elegant Fireplace Design By Nuvist

A fireplace is the focal point in most living rooms and bedroom and it draws attention without even trying and looks great whether on or off. If you’re looking to remodel your old fireplace or have one that’s no longer functioning, take a look at the Mvtikka Fireplace by Nuvist Architecture & Design. It will make your living room warm and cozy. Your family will enjoy gathering in the room and spending quality time together. You’ll also enjoy entertaining friends any time of year.

Nuvist Architecture & Design was inspired by a flame and fire formations when creating the Mvtikka Fireplace. By connecting simple and natural curvilinear lines of fire waves, the company was able to create a piece with brilliant functionality. Mvtikka is a continuous, dynamic surface that is classically designed but also boasts modern features. It does not take up any floor space as it can be fixed to the wall.

It comes in a choice of colors and has an exterior that shines beautifully. The colors make it look more like a decorative piece of art than a fireplace. Mvtikka will captivate your guests for hours and make them long to own a similar piece.

Nuvist is known for its modern pieces which boast remarkable fluid shapes. This time around, the company has outdone itself with the Mvtikka Fireplace. The piece is a futuristic addition which proves that a highly modern source can provide a cozy ambiance. Besides providing the necessary warmth, it also looks charismatic.


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