Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Nahho Musical Bathtub by Duravit

Add a new level of relaxation to your bath experience with the Duravit Musical Nahho Bathtub. Designed by well-known Germany manufacturer, the bathtub features minimalist design, straight lines and cool white ceramic. The new flotation bathtub is a spa-inspired tub that offers an optimum relaxation.

The integrated removable headrest features organic curvature that cradles your head and neck, as your body floats weightlessly in the water. Besides that, the Nanho tub is also equipped with a new sound module above and below the water, so you can listen to the music while bathing. This stylish bathtub also has optional speaker that can be connected via Bluetooth to a sound system with a menu display. This system allows you to choose your own playlist and control the volume.



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