Thursday, May 22, 2014

Tatoosh Bourbon Whiskey Awarded with Gold Medal At The 2014 SIP International Consumer Awards

Tatoosh Distillery & Spirits is a small batch, hand crafted spirits company located in Seattle, Washington focusing on the making of top shelf brown spirits. They’re proud to announce their recent awards at the 2014 SIP International Consumer Awards held at the luxurious St. Regis Monarch Beach Hotel, located in Dana Point, California. Tatoosh Whiskey was awarded a GOLD medal deeming to have the highest grade of nose, taste and finish quality, as compared with other products in its respective category.

Tatoosh Bourbon repeated by winning the Platinum Medal for Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Tatoosh Bourbon was also awarded the 2014 Consumers’ Choice Award. The Consumers’ Choice Award is presented to brands that demonstrate the ultimate in quality to consumers year after year. This honor is reserved for brands that place (bronze or better) two consecutive years in a row. This follows the Platinum awarded at the 2013 SIP Awards.
As per previous years, spirits were critiqued in a consumer blind tasting, with a focus on taste, aroma and finish.

Nearly a century ago, Troy Turner’s ancestors were bootlegging spirits during Prohibition – his maternal grandparents distilled whiskey in the Deep South while his paternal grandparents transported and sold it. “Hiding a still in the woods was simple compared the challenges of transporting your wares to town,” says Turner. “Federal agents would hide out along backcountry roads and wait for the chance to arrest a moonshine runner. The mountains are full of stories of men like my grandfather, who ran liquor to the rest of the country.” In 2009, Turner decided to continue the family tradition and opened the doors to Tatoosh Distillery & Spirits, situated in Seattle, Washington.

Tatoosh Bourbon Whiskey is made using a century-old recipe that has been passed down in the Turner family for generations. The recipe calls for a mash of 70% corn, 15% rye and 15% malted barley, all of which are sourced from local farms. “When we say local,” Turner adds, “we mean it. The barley we use to create Tatoosh Bourbon can be seen in the field right across from the distillery.” Once the grains are harvested, they are milled and mashed before being fermented using the traditional sour mash method (sour mash refers to the art of using a small amount of spent mash from an older batch of whiskey in order to catalyze fermentation in a new batch of whiskey).
Following fermentation, the wash is distilled through a 500-gallon, hybrid copper-pot and column still. The still is equipped with an unusually tall neck that allows only the lighter vapors to pass through the still, ultimately resulting in a more refined bourbon. Once the bourbon has been distilled, it is aged in new, 47-gallon American oak casks with a #3 char for a minimum of three years. During this maturation process, the barrels are rotated every three or four weeks in order to expose as much of the bourbon as possible to the oak.

Once the bourbon has aged for a minimum of three years, it is brought to proof with water sourced from the Cascade Mountains. “Our water in the Pacific Northwest is crystal clear and incredibly pure, and adds a unique mouthfeel to the bourbon,” says Turner. After the bourbon has been brought to proof, it is filtered through a mesh (no chill-filtration or artificial agents of any kind are used) before each batch is bottled by hand.
Tatoosh Bourbon Whiskey has an aroma of dark fruits, vanilla, apricots and barley. The aroma gives way to notes of woody spices, papaya, mangos, tropical fruits and citrus that are well-balanced by a subtle vanilla undertone. The finish, which is long and slightly drying, lingers just enough.
“We make a damn great bourbon,” says Turner. Pick up a bottle today!


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