Monday, May 5, 2014

T.T. Trunks New Luxury Travel Watch Trunk

T.T. Trunks unveiled its new Travel Watch Trunk with three built-in Swiss Kubik watch winders and three drawers for more watches and other precious necessities.

Behind the winders, there is a storage space for your wallet or coin purse, key holders, passport or any other item you may bear in your pockets. The first drawer is a storage casket where three watches can be arranged separately and laid down flat. Detachable and leather lined boundaries protect but also emphasize each watch. The second drawer has been made especially for cufflinks or any other tiny object, while the third one shelter eight removable watch rolls.

New Travel Watch Trunk is combination of elegance, modernity, style and authenticity. Based in Paris, over 200 hours of workmanship goes into crafting each trunk, including hand-cutting, nailing and hand-finishing each piece. Dimension of the trunk is the 423mm high, 434mm wide and 265mm deep, and you can select  from over 300 materials and endless list of colors.


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