Monday, May 5, 2014

Tubecore Duo – World’s First Tube-driven Bluetooth Speaker

Mixing analog and digital technologies can hardly be good. Until now. Tubecore’s latest speaker, the Duo blends the old with new to become the world’s first tube-driven, wi-fi enabled bluetooth speaker. First, it features a vintage design handmade from hardwood and hand-stretched speaker cloth. And about specification, the Duo is designed around a powerful Class A Tube preamp and twin 4″ titanium drivers.

There are also custom tube upgrades available. The speaker is equipped with all the connectivity options an audiophile could want, as well: Bluetooth, a couple USB ports, headphones jack, as well as HDMI for use with a TV and Ethernet for taking it online. It also features its own Raspberry Pi computer that works seamlessly with the XBMC Media Center. Price is $479.


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