Friday, June 6, 2014

La Balade des Gnomes – Hobbit-themed Hotel in Belgium

This hotel in Belgium offers accommodation in a slightly different area modeled on homes of Tolkien’s hobbits. Given the small room at the hotel, known as La Balad des Gnomes, amazing resembles homes of Bilbo and Frodo Baggins, they are an ideal venue for fans of The Lord of the Rings. Wooden small rooms in a hotel near the picturesque town Durbuy seem a bit chaotic and feature a carved wooden beds that look like they were placed in a vale of tree.

The names of the rooms do a good job of describing what you can expect to see when you walk through the door: The Legend of Trolls seems taken straight out of the Lord of the Rings, In a Moon Neighborhood takes you to a distant future where humans can spend their vacation in a hotel on the Moon, while Macquarie Island boasts a marine decor complete with a boat-shaped bed. You can opt to sleep in a special suite designed as a Trojan horse.

“The hotel was created by people who have a strong interest in nature,” the owner says, but anyone with a rich imagination would certainly appreciate the unworldly design and decorations of this place.
If you’re interested to immerse into a fairytale-style reality, that will cost you around €150 ($200).


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