Monday, June 30, 2014

Rotimatic Makes World’s Most Expensive Faltbread

Finally something along the lines of ‘Back To The Future’ is here. Rotimatic isn’t so much a robot as expected, but is innovative kitchen appliance which bakes faltbreads, and it’s turn out the most expensive in the world. Rotimatic is capable of pulling together flour, oil and water from a trio of hoppers, before mixing them into a dough and baking it into bread, while giving you options on thickness, baking duration, quantity of oil and type of flour on the built-in LCD.

It’s the world’s first robot that makes fresh hot rotis and wraps, one a minute, in fact, and also flour discs for fried other options like pooris and paranthas.

For the lucky first few hundred pre-order customers, the Rotimatic will be available for $600, while for all others, it stands at $1,000.


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