Monday, June 2, 2014

This Case Will Protect Your Portable Speaker And Made It Louder

There are countless awesome portable speakers that haven’t taken the ruggedized route such as those coming from makers like Bose and Jawbone, just to name a couple. these portables are by no means cheap and the last thing you want is to have water and sand invading it, rendering it completely useless, but you still want to be able to enjoy using them at the beach or campsite. Granted, ruggedizing is not a pressing issue, as long as you are mindful when handling these speakers.

Then again, parties can get a little too wild, especially when booze is in the mix and so yes, the risks are inevitable. This is where AudioActiv VAULT Series Speaker Case comes in. yeah. Speaker case. We bet you did not expect portable speakers to have aftermarket accessories, do you? Neither, did we. Anyhow, they exists, which is a good thing for you and your all-important speakers.

The VAULT, as the name suggests, is a safe haven for select portable speaker and is designed to protect the speaker nested within from water, dirt and shock, and doing so while expanding the sound of your speaker through a patent pending technology known as AudioClear. So basically, it is a case of one-stone-kill-two-birds (no pun intended) where the speaker is protected and louder than ever, and in the process, it also adds a dose of ruggedized beauty to your portable audio reproduction device. Currently, this young, Atlanta, Georgia-based company is offering the VAULT cases in two sizes: LS ($59.99 a pop) for smaller portable speakers including Bose SoundLink Mini, original Jawbone and Mini JAMBOX, and XL series ($109.99 ea.) for larger wireless speakers including Bose SoundLink II and III, as well as Jawbone BIG JAMBOX. Go check them out.


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