Friday, July 11, 2014

Adidas miCoach Fit Smart A Personal Trainer On Your Wrist

Just because smartwatches are on the rise doesn't mean smart fitness bands, which have long been in the wearable market first, are out of fashion. As if to prove that point, Adidas has just unveiled its second generation miCoach wearable device, the FIT SMART, which won't require a degree in computer science to operate.

Without all the cranks and buttons of a full blown smartwatch, the Adidas FIT SMART is able to do one thing and do it well. This handy but rugged device is designed to be your digital personal trainer. It measures your heart rate, calories burned, pace, distance, stride rate, and any other vital statistics you might need to monitor your athlete training or just keep tabs on your personal exercise. The band does tell time, but that and all other information that you need at a glance is displayed not with a fancy LCD screen but via an LED light array that seems to fit better this kind of sporty gadget.

As part of Adidas' miCoach digital training service, the FIT SMART communicates with the Train and Run app installed on an Android, iOS, or even Windows Phone smartphone. The band itself can store up to 10 hours of workout data, which can be synced to the app. The app, however, does more than that and lets users set their own weekly training goals. But wait, there's more! Users will also have access to free training programs that Adidas has created in partnership with fitness experts under the miCoach program.

The Adidas miCoach FIT SMART will become available in August. In the US, it will be initially exclusive to Best Buy before it starts availability on Adidas' own online and retail stores as well as other retailers a few weeks later. The FIT SMART costs only $199, which is both cheaper than some smartwatches but, considering its limited but focused feature set, might look a bit too much. If you'd rather have an all-around general purpose wearable on your wrist, you might opt to get a Samsung Gear Live, which costs just the same and has a heart rate monitor as well, or an LG G Watch, which costs less on AT&T. That said, more serious athletes and fitness fans will most likely go with a brand that they are sure caters to their needs.


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