Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Bounce Stool By Véronique Baer

These quilted stools by Swiss designer Véronique Baer squish down when sat on and bounce back up when the sitter stands up.

Véronique Baer designed the Bounce range with the aim to "create a seat which will adapt totally to any kind of body shape and which will therefore offer the maximum amount of comfort."
The seats are created by gluing together two pieces of foam, forming symmetrical shapes that have no front or back.

Four oak wood legs support these mushroom-like tops, which are covered in quilted upholstery by Dutch textile brand Febrik.

"It is fascinating how materials are able to change shape and transform their functions again and again," said Baer.

The largest of the three stools in the range, named Anton, is designed to be big enough to provide side and back support for the sitter.

Christine is a smaller version with a rounded top, while the smallest model has a cylindrical seat and is called Olaf.

The three designs can also be used in a row and reclined on like a lounger.
Baer graduated from Lausanne's ECAL design school in 2011. She presented her Bounce collection at the Blickfang Designworkshop that took place at Domaine de Boisbuchet in France.


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