Tuesday, July 22, 2014

You Can Tell The Time Of 24 Cities Just By Rolling This World Clock

To know the time of different countries is as easy as firing up the browser and Google it, but if you are more of style-conscious person or simply want a quick answer, then we believe that this 11+ World Clock designed by cloudandco might just tickle your fancy. Sticking the design ethos of creating valuable experience and timeless design, the World Clock takes on a minimalist approach, featuring a single tone look with embossed time scale on the clock face and on the peripheral, debossed with the name of the 24 cities.

To tell the time of other cities, all you have to do is roll the clock to the desire city marked on the side of the clock. Upon releasing the clock, it will immediately transition back to the local time and that’s all there is to it. Rolling. It is so simple that the 11+ World Clock could very well be the most simple and quickest world time clock ever conceived.

This roll-to-tell-time feature is made possible by a clever rolling mechanism and independently working hands that are kept from rotating with the rest of the clock by counterweights incorporated at the bottom of the clock. In this way, when the clock is rolled, only the clock face moves (as in rotates) thereby revealing the time of the chosen location. we love the idea of having less is more, except that the 11+ World Clock by cloudandco isn’t really less, it just has a brilliant design that conceals the fact that it is more than a mere cylindrical clock.

The 11+ World Clock by cloudandco comes in three colorways: midnight blue, modern grey and orange passion (our favorite. no prize for guessing why) and it can be yours for 49 bucks. Keep going for a video to see the World Clock in action.


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