Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Basket Pannier Straps A Portable Picnic Table To Your Bike

If you are already nostalgic about the last days of summer, this bike pannier/picnic basket might lift your spirits, as it's such a civilized dream of the way biking should be - carefree, and fun, with the wind at your back and the sun on your face.

Netherlands-based designer Jeriƫl Bobbe of Bloon Design first created a portable, foldout picnic table plus settings that he calls Springtime. Then Bobbe went a step further by making Springtime easily adapt to any basic bike rack.

Despite youth being on his side, he says “I’m really bad with sitting on the ground”, which is obviously bad news when it comes to picnics. So he put his designer thinking cap on and six months later came up with a portable picnic table with integrated seating. Called Springtime, it resembles a set of sturdy bike panniers. It is in fact a modular storage and dining system, with crockery, cutlery and folding table stowed in the two padded seats, which can be slung over a bike rack.

Due to be available commercially in May, Springtime is fashioned from birch, which is both lightweight and durable. This pale wood contrasts with the “fresh and frisky” colour palette Bobbe has used on the upholstery.

It’s unclear how heavy the panniers would be, whether they really would fit on any bike, and whether there’s actually room for any food in them. But for a style-conscious cyclist with an appetite for al fresco dining, these will naturally be minor issues.


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